“Amazing, Awesome, stunning, breathtaking, impressive seem to do his work no justice. Everything was just perfect! Tony was so much fun and pleasant to be around!”


“I cannot recommend his team (and him) enough! Our family and friends absolutely loved the finished video and it arrived ahead of schedule.”

“When I got my wedding diary video a couple weeks ago, I just teared up. My husband and I were so in love with it that we sat there and watched it numerous times. They made our wedding feel like a fairy tale in a movie. So beyond happy with it.”


“They made us feel very comfortable as they were taking footage and we didn’t feel awkward or out of place – it felt very natural to have them around. The footage itself turned out very beautifully. They did a great job capturing many different moments throughout our reception, and creating a very compelling story to watch.”

“5 STARS in every regard! If you want a non-distracting videographer with a great personality plus amazing video to last the rest of your life, hire Iris Films for your wedding!!!”


” I still look at our wedding diary everyday because he made it so entertaining. I will definitely be using his services again for my next event and will recommend him hands down to anyone in the market for a videographer. “

“Starting this review I’m at a loss for words. Tyler and I got married this past September and it rained on our beautiful country outdoor wedding. Picking Iris Films as our videographer was the best decision we made for our wedding!!!! The rain didn’t phase anyone and the footage came out beautifully”


“My wife and I could not be happier with the incredible work that Iris does! He has an impeccable eye for detail and a unique style that work together to create a masterful piece of art. Far and away our favorite wedding vendor to work with.”

“Tony and his team at Iris Films were fantastic. He shot my wedding in Fort Worth, Texas and the quality of film is phenomenal. Tony is very personable and makes everyone feel completely relaxed in front of the camera.”


“ony was on point and gave great direction throughout the entire day. Our bridal party loved working with him! He has a knack for capturing the unique qualities of each couple! His portfolio speaks for itself and you can see he thoroughly enjoys what he does.”

“I am stunned at how perfectly poignant is this video of my daughters wedding. I honestly cannot believe the nuances, personalities, subtleties and every single gem and moment this videographer captured.”


“I highly recommend Iris Films to do your wedding videography. Initially, we were a little skeptical to have them do our wedding since it is a traditional Vietnamese wedding and they have never done one before. However, after seeing them work on the day of the wedding, I was confident we would be getting a quality product.”

“I highly highly recommend Iris Films to anyone and everyone having a wedding. The videos are spectacular…absolutely perfect, and Tony and his team are stellar individuals. You definitely will not regret working with Tony!”


“The video made us laugh and cry and sent us on an emotional roller coaster that felt like reliving the weekend all over again which is EXACTLY what a wedding trailer should do!”

“I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about Iris Films! The video is better than I could have ever imagined, and the people are awesome. I personally am SUPER camera shy and at the times that I could even tell that they were there filming, they made my husband and I both feel so comfortable.”


“The product was PERFECT! He perfectly captured our personalities, our families, and the mood of our big day. Tony also captured both the emotional moments and the more upbeat moments, but was able to blend it all seamlessly.”

“I first saw Iris-Films trailers on The Knot and I knew immediately I had to have this vendor. Since we got married at a courthouse and waited 5 years for a huge event…we wanted the best!! BOY, did we find it in Iris-Films.”


“Thank you Tony of Iris Films for making our wedding day one of a kind. Andrew and I absolutely love our wedding diary! Your creativity with using the natural light and surroundings of the outdoor ceremony helped to show off our rustic themed wedding.”

“I was amazed at how consistently in tune with the flow of the wedding, the craziness of a reception and all of the tiny moments in between they were. “


“This isn’t your run-of-the-mill wedding video, folks. This is the stuff of professional movies… it’s like the multi-million dollar movie preview of your wedding day. Tony is simply put – amazing!”

“Iris Films was great to work with. Before the wedding Tony was always available to answer questions and was very open to our ideas. On the day of, he fit right into the wedding and captured everything from our first look to our exit.”


“Booking Tony and Sooki at Iris Films was one of the best choices we’ve ever made. After watching just one of the videos on the website, I knew this duo was remarkable and I couldn’t wait to contact them. After watching all 20 of their videos from the portfolio, we knew we scored big.”

“On our wedding day, they not only filmed our day in it’s entirety but made sure that we were also having fun-which was most important of all! Their energy is contagious!”


“I can’t begin to express how professional Tony was with Iris films. Not only is he incredibly talented but he made the whole process enjoyable! From the first meeting with him I just knew he had to be apart of our special day. “

“My video wedding diary was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The total production of the video was like a movie… very different from your typical videographers in which the video looks like a home production.”


“You’ll wear out the play button too :) We just received our full video and it really brought out some emotions (a few tears even), getting to re-live it as well as some surprise video footage that you’ll originally miss because the wedding flies by so fast.”

“After tons and tons of research I decided to go with Iris Films and boy am I glad that we did!!! “


“They are incredibly skilled at capturing all of the “big moments” in a very unobtrusive manner, as well as making sure we all felt comfortable while capturing the priceless candid footage. “

“Truly and without doubt having Iris Films capture our wedding day was one of the very best investments we made throughout the wedding process! “


“He is SUCH a pleasure to work with! He makes the whole process incredibly relaxing and fun–which was very important to me because I am very camera shy.”

“We were sold after three seconds of film! Tony is such a pleasure to work with – professional and creative, with a bright, bubbly spirit. He was such a joy to have as a part of our event!”


“I am absolutely speechless about the wedding video. It made me cry tears of joy and I am so blessed to have it to watch forever.”

“My husband and I love the way they edit the recordings; it is done artistically and differently than other videographers that we’ve seen.”


“They captured every special moment on our day! From my husband’s pre-ceremony, heartfelt words to our guests’ best wishes in their recorded testimonials, our wedding film was everything we hoped it would be.”

“They were very immersed in the activity without being overbearing or in the way. We’ve had TONS of compliments on Tony’s video editing and we know that we’ll cherish our video for many years to come. “


“They captured every special moment on our day! From my husband’s pre-ceremony, heartfelt words to our guests’ best wishes in their recorded testimonials, our wedding film was everything we hoped it would be.”

“They captured every moment and used the perfect song in the video, which I think we watched at least 50 times!”


“All of our friends and family kept watching the video.. we had hundreds of views in the first few days. The full footage of our wedding ceremony, reception, speeches, and shout-outs were all great as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Iris Films for your wedding videos.”

“I know for brides, it can be hard to purchase “yet another thing” for your wedding, but our video is simply priceless.”


“We absolutely LOVED working with Tony from Iris Films. He was such a pleasure to work with AND we LOVED LOVED LOVED our wedding diary! “

“I appreciated his passion, professionalism, and talent. He was a joy to work with and I had the pleasure of meeting his wife. We recently received our wedding diary video and I have been flooded with responses from my friends and family on how professional and fantastic the work was.”


“There are no words to describe how happy, scratch that, ecstatic I am with Iris Films! From the very beginning it has been nothing but pure pleasure working with Tony and his team.”

“I never felt like a “client”; he made me feel that our wedding was just as important to him as it was to us and that he was going to do everything he could to make our wedding video spectacular.”


“Everything from the quality of the video, to the music, to the moments captured- it was clear that Tony worked hard to make our video special. We really cant say enough good things about Tony and would have full confidence in recommending him to others.”

“One word to sum up the quality work and professionalism of Iris Films…..AMAZING!!! The first time I saw one of his videos was in 2011 and I knew right away that we needed to hire Tony for our 3/31/13 wedding.”


“Our friends and family all watched the wedding diary and were amazed: music selection, editing, everything was perfect! Tony is truly a talented artist!”

“I don’t even know where to begin about Iris Films… they are incredible! Tony Pombo and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with. The wedding diary and full-length video they created for us were nothing short of a dream come true. “